Hey Shorty! 6 Celebrities With Short Hair Cuts

Celebrities with short hair cuts are all the rage these days – from the recent Katherine Heigl haircut news to Emma Watson's fresh pixie cut, it seems like celebrities with short hair cuts are turning up in droves to red carpets and VIP events all across Hollywood. You're probably thinking, why is a hair extension blog trying to encourage short hair? Well, we think it's great to start fresh by cutting any dyed and damaged hair off this spring and use hair extensions whenever you want to get the look you want. Here are just a few of the celebs who have rocked a short hair cut: Emma Watson. The quintessential short celebrity hair cut, Emma Watson turned to this grownup look after years of shoulder-length curly hair. Her fresh 'do highlights her transition from child actress to young adult quite nicely. Rihanna. When you have this much talent, it doesn't matter what your hair looks like. Fortunately, Rihanna has both killer musical chops and amazing celebrity hair cuts. She's known for her angular, face-frame short styles that give her an incredible edge both on and off the stage. Katherine Heigl. A recent convert to the group of celebrities with short hair cuts, Katherine Heigl had bloggers across the world in a tizzy with her new short style earlier this week. Luckily for Katherine, her hair looks fabulous either way – and if she wants to go back, there's always clip in hair extensions. Renee Zellweger. Early in 2010, Renee Zellweger shocked paparazzi and fans by going uber short. However, this isn't the first time Renee has changed her hair on a whim – she's been brunette, blonde and everything in between. Jennifer Aniston. Although she didn't join the ranks of celebs with pixie cuts, Jennifer Aniston still astonished crowds in Madrid recently by chopping her long hair into a sleek blonde bob. Although the press is trying to spin it as a personal crisis, we think Jennifer looks great with her new 'do! Ashlee Simpson. Last fall, Ashlee Simpson went from a long-haired siren to a cute and spunky pixie in platinum blonde. The former teen queen was just one of the many celebs to try a short style in 2010. These celebrities with short hair cuts are proof positive that anyone can sport a short style this spring. After all, if you get sick of the change, you can always turn to clip in hair extensions for a quick and easy way to regain your long tresses.


  • Emma Watson`s short pixie cut really beautiful!

    Posted by ghd stylers on March 20, 2014

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