Prom Hair Styles Using Clip In Hair Extensions

Prom is the one time of the year that teens get to dress up to the nines and have an amazingly fabulous hairstyle. If you wore a big teased-up beehive to class, people might notice, but at prom, anything goes! If you're looking for an amazingly fantastic prom hairstyle you can do from home, try one of these prom styles using clip in hair extensions:
  • Sleek and straight. Clip in hair extensions are perfect for this style. You can add tons of length and volume to your hair to make a big impact. If you're using human hair extensions, you'll be able to use your hot tools and styling products to get your hair super straight and shiny. Add volume and texture  by choosing clip in hair extensions in a color that's slightly different from your natural hair color – instant highlights!
  • Mermaid princess. Get this underwater chic look by using clip in hair extensions that will add tons of volume to your hair. The trick to this style is adding in lots of waves and topping it off with a few face-framing braids.
  • All curled up. With human hair extensions, you can use anything from a curling iron to hot rollers to create luscious curls. Clip in hair extensions give you extra volume to work with, so you can create a head full of curls that will last all night.
  • Braided and beautiful. Braids are one of the hottest trends this spring. Capitalize on the hype by weaving your hair into a lush, beautiful braid. Clip in hair extensions add the length you'll need to get a gorgeous long braid.
  • Beach fabulous. Go casual for prom with a beachy, laid-back hairstyle. Using a spray made from one part sea salt to two parts water (with a dash of leave-in conditioner) will give you that just-finished-surfing look you crave. Human hair extensions in a slightly lighter color than your natural hair give you sun-kissed highlights – without damaging your natural hair.
Prom is your chance to show off your great sense of style and do something different for a night. A great hairstyle can take your look from so-so to prom-night fabulous, so try one of these easy hairstyles that use clip in hair extensions to get an awesome look for your big night.


  • love this look now question my hair is baby fine n has layers can i use this too cause my hair has major layers?

    Posted by angie on March 20, 2014

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Posted: Mar 17 2011
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