The Many Loves of Charlie Sheen and Their Great Celebrity Hairstyles

Ever since he joined the ranks of the Hollywood elite in the 1980s, Charlie Sheen's career has been fraught with scandals and gossip. Charlie's been around the block when it comes to providing tabloid fodder - from a gun mishap to a bevy of adult film star girlfriends; he's survived more train wrecks than almost any other celebrity. Maybe it's the tiger blood. His girlfriends, wives and flings are often at the heart of his scandals. They've been shot at, abused and maligned by the media. Other than dating Charlie, what do his exes all have in common? Their great celebrity hair styles! From big curls to sleek and straight, Charlie's exes all have great hair: Brooke Mueller. Her relationship with Charlie may have been high-profile, but she keeps her hair low key with simple, natural-looking curls. Ginger Lynn. The first of Charlie's adult film star girlfriends, Ginger Lynn fell victim to all the worst of 80s celebrity hair cuts, from the big bangs to the bottle-blonde dye job. Her current style is more tousled beach-casual than working girl – a change for which we're all grateful. Kelly Preston. The first of Charlie's Hollywood romances, Kelly Preston was engaged to him for a brief period in 1990 before he shot her, launching his first serious celeb scandal. She's well-known for marrying John Travolta shortly after – and for her celebrity hair style. Kelly incorporates retro glamor into her everyday look by giving her hair lots of volume and using big curls to frame her face.   Natalie Kenly. The other half of the “goddess” duo, Natalie keeps her long brown hair simple and natural with a long, one-length haircut. Denise Richards. The most high profile of Charlie's celebrity relationships, this sexpot actress and model is well-known for her gorgeous celebrity hair style. Her volume and honey blonde hair recall Bridget Bardot's revolutionary look from the 1960. From adult film stars to models, Charlie Sheen's style is all over the board. The one thing he always gets right is the hair – whether it's retro-chic or long and sleek, his exes all have fantastic hair.


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Posted: Mar 10 2011
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