Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions

Hollywood stars might have the money to instantly change their looks in all sorts of ways, but find out who’s been caught with the worst celebrity hair extensions. Britney Spears Britney Spears didn’t waste time getting terrible hair extensions once her buzz-cut grew in a few inches. Despite all the bucks she must have dropped to look great, sadly Britney doesn’t seem to take proper care of her extensions. Topping our list of worst celebrity hair extensions, she’s even resorted to wearing hats to cover up matted knots and bald spots. Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson might have higher standards than the rat’s nest of a celebrity hair style that Britney has sported, but her celebrity hair style often doesn’t look natural either. After years of hair care fidelity, Jessica finally parted ways with stylist Ken Paves – maybe due to too many extensions that didn’t match her hair texture or color. The two are still involved in HairDo, the Jessica Simpson hair extensions line. So now we can all look like we have “doll hair.” Christina Aguilera With a penchant for crazy out-there looks, Christina Aguilera has experimented with the gamut of celebrity hair styles from rainbow Bo Derek braids to platinum blond waves. Christina has great pipes, but sometimes not the best sense when it comes to her diva style. A few years ago the starlet donned a blond frizzy ‘do with extensions that looked like she’d stuck her finger in a socket. Famous icons are expected to live on the cutting edge of fashion, but even for them a statement look can go over the top with some of the worst celebrity hair extensions. What’s your least favorite celebrity hair style?


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Posted: Feb 04 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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