Hair Do and Hair Don't of The Day

Hair is not everyone's forte and we realize this, but some stars know how to choose the right celebrity hair stylist and some clearly don't. Here is the hair do and hair don't of the day. First, we'll start out with the hair "do" - Jennifer Love Hewitt. You may have seen her last night in the made-for-TV movie, The Last Valentine starring Betty White or on "The Talk" expressing her love of Spanx. As one of America's sweethearts, she's not generally presented with Golden Globes or Grammy's (remember when she had a music career?) but she always manages to look fantastic with the perfect celebrity hair style. This is a classic hairstyle with a modern flair. Long and wavy is all the rage and we love it. Now, the hair "don't." Unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt, Helena Bonham Carter has been recognized by the Golden Globes and no offense, Jennifer, but Helena is a bit more of an acclaimed actress. Her style has been called "unique" by many, and she seems like a lovely lady, but her celebrity hair stylist is doing her no favors. We're not sure how many birds were harmed in the making of this celebrity hair style - either by laying their eggs in or suffocating on the hairspray that was used to hold this mess up. Helena, it's a good thing you're a fantastic actress, because it's doubtful that Neutrogena will be calling you up for a contract any time soon. Celebrity hair stylists, however, are most definitely calling up your publicist and you are most certainly not calling them back.


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Posted: Jan 31 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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