Hair Don't of the Day - Christina Aguilera

The way we feel about Jessica Simpson hair extensions is the same way we feel about Christina Aguilera's bad celebrity hair cuts -- sisters can sing, but they don't know hair. We could, in fact, write an entire series of blogs dedicated to Christina Aguilera's bad celebrity hair cuts, but we wouldn't want to put you with that. As if afflicting Germany with "Burlesque" wasn't offensive enough, Christina Aguilera thought it was appropriate to channel the Swiss Miss Girl at the Berlin premiere.Wonder if she yodeled down the red carpet? Respectfully, she's got the pipes to do it. As if her hairstyle wasn't enough, her hair color is a story all its own and it's difficult to come up with a logical explanation for it. It looks to us like she bought Jessica Simpson hair extensions, dyed them with Kool-Aid, braided them and placed them on top of her hair with bobby pins like a 12-year-old puts on a dollar-store tiara. Furthermore, while this blog about hair, we feel that it is our civic duty to point out that sheer, polyester fabric is neither flattering, in style or an appropriate accompaniment to pretzel hair. Christina, if you're out there, we'd like to say, "You're such a pretty girl! Why do you wear so much make-up?!" The advice "less is more" comes to mind, especially when it comes to her drawn-in eyebrows. More importantly, where are her actual eyebrows? Did a TSA agent take them away before she boarded the plane to go overseas? The best advice we can give to her is to get a different celebrity hair stylist. Disagree with us? Strongly agree with us? Leave a comment below:


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Posted: Jan 13 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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