Hair I Don’t Know Of The Day – Kim Kardashian

This is a new ad for cornrow extension hair, brought to you by Kim Kardashian and her new BFF Lisa Bonet. Kidding. She's actually coming out with a new album and decided that less make up and more braids will be her ticket to the Grammy's. First and foremost, we think it's really cool that she's not wearing as much make up as she usually does. We had no idea that she had so much natural beauty and it does take guts to strip down in Hollywood (when it comes to make up, not clothing that is). With that said, it seems like a bit of a gimmick that her publicist dreamed up to give her a new image, although it also seems a bit like a Khloe brainchild:
Kim: I'm bored. Khloe: Want to get wasted and prank call David Hasselhoff again? Kim: Lame. Khloe: We could have a tickle fight in front of the paparazzi. Kim: Also, very lame. Khloe: Hmmm. How about I braid your hair and then you could come out with an album? Kim: OK!
The rest is history. You have to give them points for creativity if nothing else. Now, what kind of album she's coming out with has yet to be seen. She has been spotted with The-Dream, who's responsible for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)," so she might come out with the next big club hit, but judging by her hair, a Milli Vanilli-style single seems a lot more likely. We want to know what you think of Kim Kardashian's cornrow extension hair. Leave a comment below.


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