Milani Hair vs. Synthetic Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

You may have heard of a humble, blonde singer named Jessica Simpson and you’ve probably seen her on TV promoting her hair extensions. Sister can definitely sing, but how do her synthetic clip-in hair extensions match up against Milani Hair real hair extensions? • Most of the products in Jessica Simpson hair extensions line is synthetic, so you may feel a bit like a Cut N’ Style Barbie when you’re wearing them. Jessica Simpson’s a doll, but we don’t want doll hair. • Milani Hair extensions are always made of 100% real human hair, just like your own, so they look and feel natural. When styled properly, no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing hair extensions at all. Styling • Jessica Simpson hair extensions that consist of synthetic hair come in a variety of ready- to-go styles, but you are not able to heat style them yourself. So if for example, you get the curly or wavy style, you’re stuck with curly/wavy hair; if you get the straight style, you’re stuck with straight hair. • Because Milani Hair is real human hair, it can be styled and re-styled using all kinds of hot styling tools and hair care products, which means you can style it any way you want to. Can you dye it? • You can dye Milani Hair to match your own color on top of being able to choose from 10 different shades. • While they do come in a variety of colors, you cannot dye Jessica Simpson hair extensions that are not made of real human hair. Clips • Clips for Jessica Simpson hair extensions are comparatively smaller than clips for Milani Hair extensions. • If you have thick or curly hair, Milani Hair real hair extensions are your best bet because the clips are larger and hold in the hair better because of it. How long do they last? • On average, Jessica Simpson hair extensions that are not 100% real human hair only last for 3 months. • When properly cared for, Milani Hair lasts for at least a year. How much hair? • You get 7 individual, 20” long, versatile clip-in pieces of 100% real Milani Hair all in one package for $179.95. • Synthetic Jessica Simpson hair extensions are sold piece by piece in different lengths and styles. If you purchase Jessica Simpson hair extensions that are made out of real hair, you will pay anywhere from $200 to $400 for just one piece, depending on where you buy them from.


  • Milan Hair is the nice extension. This product is really very nice. I like it very much……

    Posted by Anthony James on March 20, 2014
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    Posted by Worst Celebrity Hair Extensions | Milanihair on March 20, 2014
  • milani hair extensions are 100% real, so I can style them to match my mood everyday! I would use the color black.

    Posted by nicolle heikkila on March 20, 2014
  • Number one reason more value for your money. Jessica Simpson hair looks aweful after 2 months when Milani hair can last at least 6 months if not more.

    Posted by shelia barmett on March 20, 2014

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Posted: Dec 24 2010
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