The Hair Do and Hair Don’t of the Day

First, the Hair Don't:

  As recently reported by Hollywood Life, Kate Gosselin (the original Octomom!) recently spent $2,000 at the salon to get a Brazillian blowout, a cut and a color. Two. Thousand. Dollars. This makes it a hair don't on a variety of levels:
  1. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?! If she drops that much each time she goes, she'll have spent around $20,000 on salon services alone. I hope they at least gave her some of those little sample packets of shampoo and conditioner to take home.
  2. Why spend a ton on a Brazilian blowout, when you can get clip in hair extensions that won't damage your hair and aren't permanent?
  3. I don't mean to be a tattle tale, but work on the street is that Kate Gosselin didn't leave a tip and didn't even say "thank you" when she left the salon. No matter how much her new hairdo costs, being cheap is never hot.

Now, the Hair Do:

  Posh Beckam was on TV the other night, and she was caught crying as her husband, David Beckham, received a BBC Sports Lifetime Achievement Award. Her face might have been leaking, but sister's hair looked fab. She normally has short hair, but it looks like she used a clip in hair extension kit to get the luscious locks you see in the photo above. Ladies, this is how you use a clip in hair extension kit! You can't tell where her real hair stops and where her extensions begin, which is the whole point of using natural hair extensions. The long and wavy side pony is oh-so-in right now, and it's no surprise that Posh Spice is leading the trend charge. What are your thoughts on our first Hair Do and Hair Don't? Do you think Kate Gosselin deserved her spot on the Don't list? Did you love Victoria Beckam's clip in hair extension look as much as we did? Tell us all about it in the comments section!


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Posted: Dec 22 2010
by: Duck & Cover

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