3 Easy Styles for Curly Hair

Beyonce with long curly brown hair

Sometimes, it’s fun to just work with what you’ve got! Curly hair is great since it’s got tons of natural volume and workable texture. Here are some simple styles to master using your naturally beautiful locks:


Half up-Half Down


  • This style takes only a minute to create! Simply pull-back a small section from the front of both sides of your head, bringing them to the back of your head and creating a knot. You’re then going to create a second knot with the same two pieces, leaving a small space in between the two knots. Then, take a bobby pin to secure in place (with the ribbed side of the bobby pin facing upward for better hold). And that’s it!


Messy Top Knot


  • Grabbing the top section of your hair, place it high on top of your head, and secure with a hair elastic. Then, taking this ponytail you’re going to create a topknot by rolling it around itself, gathering it all together. Once you have your topknot, begin to secure it with bobby pins, while shaping it to your liking! You can fan it out to make it bigger, loosen the sides for more of a Boho look, or keep it tight.


Fluffy Bun


  • Gather all of your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Once the ponytail is in place, gather all of your hair and wrap it around itself in the shape of a bun. As you are gathering, keep your curls fluffed out and pin in place with bobby pins. As you touch the bun from on top, it should bounce slightly if you’ve created enough volume! Last, give your hair a light spray using your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray to help hold the bun in place.


Et Voila!


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Posted: May 09 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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